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The below table shows us the list of the Top 14 Microsoft Azure Partners. TOP  MICROSOFT AZURE PARTNERS COMPANY SERVICES HEADQUARTERS Outlook Microsoft 365, IaaS, Dynamics 365, Secure Email Services, Employee Self Service Solution Redmond, Washington, United States of America Salesforce CRM solution to clients for business development and boosting team productivity and connecting Salesforce’s […]

The below table shows us the list of the Top 14 Microsoft Azure Partners.


OutlookMicrosoft 365, IaaS, Dynamics 365, Secure Email Services, Employee Self Service SolutionRedmond, Washington, United States of America
SalesforceCRM solution to clients for business development and boosting team productivity and connecting Salesforce’s Sales Cloud and Service Cloud with Microsoft Teams.San Francisco, California, United States of America
SaleslogixIntegrations with other business platforms. Resetting locked-out users in SalesLogix/Infor CRM Web Client. Security vulnerability questions. Cleanly reinstalling SalesLogix/Infor CRM components. Fixing SalesLogix connection errors. Refreshing data. Integrating your email marketing.  Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
OracleOCI supported high-performance compute power, autonomous services, integrated security, and interconnected problem solving within the cloud.Austin, Texas, United States
 Managed SolutionVirtualization, AZURE, Backup & Recovery, Cloud Migration, DaaS, Email SecuritySan Diego, California
EnsonoVirtualization, AZURE, Backup & Recovery, Cloud Migration, Colocation, CRM Downers Grove, Illinois
SiriusWeb Development, DevOps, Data Storage, DaaS, Cybersecurity, Cloud MigrationSan Antonio, Texas
CatapultWeb Development, AWS, AZURE, Cloud Migration, CRM, DevOpsAustin, Texas
ePlusVoIP, Email Security, DevOps, Data Storage, DaaS, CybersecurityHerndon, Virginia
KizanVoIP, AZURE, Backup & Recovery, Cloud Migration, Cybersecurity, DaaSLouisville, Kentucky
New SignatureVirtualization, Backup & Recovery, Cloud Migration, CRM, DaaS, Dynamics 365Washington, District of Columbia
UDTVoIP, Backup & Recovery, Cloud Migration, Cybersecurity, DaaS, Data Storage Miramar, Florida
Agile ITVoIP, Virtualization, Microsoft 365, IaaS, Dynamics 365, Data StorageSan Diego, California
SyComVoIP, IaaS, Email Security, Data Storage, DaaS, CybersecurityRichmond, Virginia


Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and a virtualized approach are all available on Microsoft Azure, an open-source cloud computing platform. Microsoft Azure, a continual hybrid cloud, is rising in popularity, with nearly 90% of Fortune 500 organizations employing Azure services.

Azure cloud services are educated and designed to install and operate even complicated programs through virtual infrastructure. It works with a wide range of programming languages, devices, databases, operating systems, and frameworks. As a result, Azure services for professionals and businesses provide all-around alternatives to standard organizational processes, with top Azure services significantly increasing performance.

Why Should You Choose Microsoft AZURE Services?

While each company may have its motivations for using Microsoft Azure, there are some outstanding benefits that everyone can benefit from, including:

  • Microsoft AZURE is equipped for giving a compelling mix of Infrastructure as a stage (IaaS) and Platform as assistance (PaaS) that helps undertakings make and send their web applications without hustling over the preparation.
  • Microsoft AZURE has planned Security Development Lifecycle, an industry-standard security process that considers all security highlights, including getting licenses and guaranteeing the best wellbeing in all tasks.
  • There is a vast client base currently on Microsoft AZURE; however, the framework is continually increasing by involving more cycles for applications and selling stockpiling through the cloud. It can run with no extra coding.
  • Microsoft Azure’s hybrid cloud computing environment is still a standout feature. It can boost performance by using VPNs, ExpressRoute connections, caching, and CDNs, among other things.
  • As most ventures depend on MS office instruments, it is insightful to put resources into a cloud stage that coordinates well with all Microsoft items. Furthermore, knowing C++, C, and Visual Basic can assist you with directing your vocation in Microsoft AZURE.
  • Microsoft AZURE has knowledge and examination abilities to further develop the business cycle with the assistance of AI bots, mental APIs, and Blockchain as a Service (BaaS).
  • Microsoft AZURE additionally has SQL and NoSQL information handling offices to get different and noteworthy experiences from the accessible information.
  • One of the most compelling reasons to use Azure services is the cost-effectiveness of virtual infrastructure upkeep.

Curated List of Top AZURE Services

While there is no exhaustive list of contenders in cloud computing, the front runners such as Google and Amazon Web Services continue to compete with Microsoft Azure for the most popular cloud service. Despite fierce competition, Microsoft Azure has grown and evolved over the years, particularly during the phase of remote working anticipated in 2020 and 2021 due to a pandemic. The platform has retained its authenticity and appeal by providing top Azure services. Let’s look at the top 10 most popular Azure services.

• AZURE Active Directory

One of Microsoft Azure’s most superior cloud-based services is Azure Active Directory (AD). It is a global identification platform that ensures the management and protection of identities and belongs to the Identity division. Because of its excellent security solutions, it deserves to be at the top of our list of finest Azure services.

Azure Active Directory provides single sign-on and multi-factor authentication to safeguard users from cybersecurity threats as an enterprise identity solution. Identity-based security ensures that users are fully protected from cyberattacks. They can use authorized login to access the program from anywhere. It is also easier to have secure contact with internal and external users since Azure Active Directory enables a single identity platform.


The Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) merits special notes because it is a critical Azure feature that supports and accelerates corporate growth. In addition, its server is built to accommodate many storages, web apps, and Azure cloud services.

Due to its fast response time and short load time, Azure CDN is on par with the best Azure services. It also has robust security so that developers do not waste time developing new security products every time they share material. This information is further deconstructed into precise customer operations with meaningful interaction insights, resulting in a profit for the company.

•Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory ingests data from multiple sources to automate data transfer and movement to construct a data-driven workflow in cloud computing. Azure Data Factory uses Azure services such as Azure Machine Learning, Azure HDInsight Hadoop, and Azure Data Lake Analytics for computation. Azure Data Lake can be considered a massive repository of unprocessed data for Big Data analytics.

Information from Azure Data Factory can be exported to Azure Data Lake for analytics and visualization in Business Analytics (BI) applications. The top Azure services include Azure Data Factory, which does not retain any information but makes it easy to find data mobility and create a data-driven workflow. Improved business choices can be made by utilizing original data using data repositories. In addition, Azure Data Factory generates and monitors workflows using UI and programmatic tools.

•Azure SQL

Azure SQL data set goes under the classification of the Platform as assistance (PaaS) and is connected with the vast majority of the data set administration capacities as – reinforcements, checking, fixing, and updating with no sort of client association. The productivity of AZURE SQL without requiring any human intercession is the justification for why we need to refer to it in our rundown of top AZURE administrations.

The AZURE SQL information base brings coordinated PaaS abilities assisting you with directing space explicit data sets and advancing the exercises according to your business needs. The AZURE SQL data set is redesigned to the most recent and stable form of the SQL waiter information base motor. In addition, a fixed OS joins it with 99.99% accessibility.

Suppose your business manages social and non-social information structures like JSON, Spatial, charts, and XML. In that case, the AZURE SQL data set can be one of the most incredible AZURE administrations for handling the two sorts of information structures. Moreover, the AZURE SQL data set adds a promptly accessible information storeroom for present-day cloud applications with improved execution.

•AZURE Function

Developers use azure Functions to link to sources of data or messaging systems and respond to events. The best feature of Azure Function is its compute-on-demand capability, which means you only pay for services when you use them. In addition, azure Functions is a serverless compute service that allows businesses to run event-triggered code without investing in infrastructure.

Azure Function is exceptionally dependable and is frequently used in production environments. It can be used for decoupling, high throughput, sharing, and reusability.


CosmosDB is a worldwide distributed database service that is one of the most well-known Azure services. Through Microsoft Azure, it can access and manage data from several data centers while also providing capabilities to scale up your processing resources and worldwide distribution patterns.

CosmosDB, for example, guarantees 99.99 percent availability while keeping read and write latencies in the single-digit millisecond range. It also has a single backend that supports numerous data models; therefore, it may be used for graph models, key-value, relational models, and documents. CosmosDB is a popular Azure service sometimes referred to as a NewSQL database; however, it is distinguished by its inability to handle relational data models.


When you start using Microsoft Azure services, you’ll need a DevOps software as a service (SaaS) platform to create and deliver software. It has simple integration capabilities with well-known industry products and can assist execute a DevOps toolchain. DevOps services demonstrate the tools ‘ agility by tracking, planning, and discussing their work with other teams.

For the majority of the clients, DevOps are incredibly advantageous to their applications, independent of the stage, language, or cloud. They additionally empower quicker conveyance through dynamic preparation and better joint effort. Utilizing the productive devices, this AZURE assistance guarantees admittance to a limitless, cloud-facilitated private Git archive where the application coding invites cooperation with cutting-edge records on the board.

•AZURE Backup

Human mistake is unfortunate, but Azure Backup provides simple data protection capabilities from the Azure Web app services to keep your data safe from ransomware and other types of loss. The backup cost is nearly insignificant, and it can be used to back up SQL workloads as well as virtual machine data.

Along with Azure Backup, tools like Windows VSS Snapshot and Linux fsfreeze can help ensure data consistency. Azure’s backup system improves job management and project productivity.

•Logic Apps

As one of the top AZURE administrations, Logic Apps has acquired enormous fame because of their helpful and effective devices. They can offer compelling answers for incorporating various applications. One should take note of the closely-knit environment of cloud-based SaaS connectors like Google Services, Twitter, and Office 365.

Rationale applications make it extremely simple for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) norms to work in a joint effort with exchanging accomplices through their B2B functionalities.

• Virtual Machine

A virtual machine is commonly referred to as an image, which is a file that may mimic the behavior of a real computer. Microsoft Azure’s Compute category now includes virtual machines, allowing users to quickly create Windows or Linux systems on a physical computer. The virtual machine is isolated from the rest of the computer, making it ideal for testing beta applications, accessing virus-infected data, creating system backups, and running applications that were not designed to function on the operating system in the first place.

Microsoft Azure also allows numerous virtual machines to run on the same physical computer using Hypervisor management. Each virtual machine has its own virtual hardware, including CPU, RAM, hard disc, network, and other requirements. Virtual machines can lower the cost of purchasing actual machines, as well as the associated maintenance, power, and cooling costs.

Types of Cloud Services

  • IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service
  • PaaS – Platform as a service
  • SaaS – Software as a service

List of Top Microsoft AZURE Services


  • App Configuration
  • AZURE DevOps
  • AZURE Spring Cloud
  • AZURE DevTest Labs
  • AZURE Lab Services
  • AZURESignalR Service
  • AZURE Visual Studio App Center


  • App Service
  • App Service (Linux)
  • AZURE Batch
  • AZURE Functions
  • AZURE Quantum
  • AZURE Red Hat OpenShift
  • AZURE VMware Solution
  • AZURE Cloud Services
  • AZURE Container Instances
  • AZURE Container Registry
  • AZURECycleCloud
  • AZURE Dedicated Host
  • AZURE Kubernetes Service
  • AZURE Service Fabric
  • AZURE Virtual Desktop
  • AZURE Virtual Machines
  • AZURE VM Scale Sets


  • AZURE API Management
  • AZURE Event Grid
  • AZURE Logic Apps
  • AZURE Notification Hubs
  • AZURE Service Bus
  • AZURE Web PubSub


  • Application Gateway
  • AZURE Bastion
  • AZURE Firewall
  • AZURE Front Door
  • AZURE Orbital
  • AZURE ExpressRoute
  • AZURE Internet Analyzer
  • AZURE Load Balancer
  • AZURE Network Watcher
  • AZURE Private Link
  • AZURE Route Server
  • AZURE Traffic Manager
  • AZURE Virtual Network
  • AZURE Virtual WAN
  • AZURE VPN Gateway


  • AverevFXT
  • AZURE NetApp Files
  • AZURE Storage
  • AZURE Data Lake Storage
  • AZURE Data Share
  • AZURE Managed Disks
  • AZURE StorSimple


  • AZURE Migrate
  • AZURE Data Box
  • AZURE DB Migration Service
  • AZURE Site Recovery

IoT + MR

  • AZURE Maps
  • AZURE Sphere
  • AZURE Digital Twins
  • AZURE IoT Central
  • AZURE IoT Edge
  • AZURE IoT Hub
  • AZURE Object Anchors
  • AZURE Remote Rendering
  • AZURE Spatial Anchors
  • AZURE Time Series Insights

AI + Machine Learning

  • AZURE Bot Service
  • AZURE Cognitive Search
  • AZURE Cognitive Services
  • AZURE Machine Learning
  • AZURE Microsoft Genomics
  • AZURE Open Datasets


  • Analysis Services
  • AZURE Purview
  • AZURE Data Catalog
  • AZURE Data Explorer
  • AZURE Data Factory
  • AZURE Data Lake Analytics
  • AZURE Databricks
  • AZURE Event Hubs
  • AZURE HDInsight
  • AZURE Power BI Embedded
  • AZURE Stream Analytics
  • AZURE Synapse Analytics


  • AZURE Apache Cassandra MI
  • AZURE Blockchain Service
  • AZURE Cosmos DB
  • AZURE Database for MariaDB
  • AZURE Database for MySQL
  • AZURE Database for PostgreSQL
  • AZURE Redis Cache
  • AZURE SQL Database
  • AZURE SQL Server Stretch DB

Identity + Security

  • AZURE Active Directory
  • AZURE Defender
  • AZURE Key Vault
  • AZURE Sentinel
  • AZURE DDoS Protection
  • AZURE Dedicated HSM
  • AZURE Information Protection
  • AZURE Security Center

Management + Governance

  • AZURE Automation
  • AZURE Advisor
  • AZURE Arc
  • AZUREAutomanage
  • AZURE Backup
  • AZURE Blueprints
  • AZURE Lighthouse
  • AZURE Monitor
  • AZURE Policy
  • AZURE Portal
  • AZURE Cloud Shell
  • AZURE Cost Management
  • AZURE Managed Apps
  • AZURE Scheduler

Media + Comms

  • AZURE Communication Services
  • AZURE Media Services


Even the finest Azure services can seem overwhelming if you’re just starting up with Microsoft. Apart from the services listed, VNet, Front Door, Azure Backup, and StorSimple are critical for enterprises to scale up their upgraded enterprise solutions via a virtual platform.

Before deciding on a set of Azure services for your organization, you should evaluate your needs. You can choose from the best-rated top Azure services or check out others from the over 600 securely available Azure services, depending on your need

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