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Business Ideas for When You Don’t Know What Business to Start

Let’s face it; most of us have faced the problem of choosing the right businesses to start. But these days, the internet has become a brilliant provider of business ideas for when you don’t know what business to start. So, the only real challenge now is to find a business that you have a passion […]
Business Ideas

Let’s face it; most of us have faced the problem of choosing the right businesses to start. But these days, the internet has become a brilliant provider of business ideas for when you don’t know what business to start. So, the only real challenge now is to find a business that you have a passion and talent for. 

Business Ideas For When You Don’t Know What Business To Start

Given that there are hundreds of options to choose from, it can be hard to find a good business idea. That is why we have compiled a list of business ideas to choose from. You can start these ideas from scratch as they require minimal startup costs and experience.

Pet Services

Maybe you like pets? Why not turn your source of delight into a career? If you look at the Americans, you will find many of them spending fortunes on their pets. In fact, pets are like children to some people, and they can take up much of their owner’s time. 

There are so many pet services to choose from. These services can range from pet-sitting to pet photography. You may find something you like among the options. 

Pooper-Scooper Service

Although it may not sound like the most charming business, believe it or not, it is quite advantageous. You don’t need much to start. The basic requirements are a shovel, plastic bags, dependable transportation, and a good smell defense. 

People in Pooper-Scooper service generally earn between $30 – $60 monthly. They will have to visit the customer’s place and clean the mess of their pets. These visits usually do not cross ten minutes.

Pet Photography

If you are an aspiring photographer who also happens to be an animal lover, you can do business out of pet photography. So many people live with pets today. So, pet photography is a prosperous prospect.

Your business can be home-based, shop-based, or online-based. Many people will pay handsome cash for fascinating pictures of their pets. You can even get creative and use these photographs to print on t-shirts, cups, and others for more personalized use. 

Pet Clothing and Accessories

Have you ever seen photos of pets rocking cool outfits and accessories on social media? If you have, you will probably know why pet clothing and accessories are big deals. 

Pet Services

People are spending billions annually on their pets. If you have unique creativity and a good marketing sense, this business can be very profitable. 


If you are a pet lover, pet-sitting can be one of the most interesting jobs. As we are all aware, the owner cannot be with his pet the whole time. Some pets need extra care and attention. So, pet owners may need a pet-sitter if they need to go out of town. 

Gardening And Landscaping

Do you have a green thumb? If you do, you might find a profitable business in gardening and landscaping. 


If you don’t mind getting your hands and clothes dirty, becoming a gardener is a great business option. You can plant and grow a variety of plants for sale. You could specialize in a field such as herbs, seeds, vegetables, and others.

Market Vendor

If you are considering doing a gardening business, you might also want to set up a place to market your products. Instead of finding vegetable and fruit vendors to sell your products to, why not sell them yourself? This way, you have full control over your business, and you can expand your business.



Did you know that flowers sell like hotcakes? They are always in demand. All you got to do is tend on your flowers and reap a possible good reward for it. So why not start your own flower garden today?

Garden Consultant

If you have hands-on experience in gardening, you can become a garden consultant. These are more professional services and may include pest control, vegetable and fruit advice, courtyard designing, and more. 

House Or Office Cleaning

If you are a neat person who likes to keep things tidy and orderly, you might find your luck in the house or office cleaning. It is easy, requires no extra knowledge or training, and no startup costs. 

If you consider this option, you should be aware of the two types of customers – one-time and recurring. 

One-time customers are the customers that want you to clean their house or office only once. The common services you can expect are regular cleaning, spring-cleaning, and move-in/move-out cleaning.

Recurring customers will want you to do the cleaning regularly. It can be either weekly, once in two weeks, or once per month.

Event Planning

Event planning is an excellent career for those who are organized and systematic. It is always good to start small. Many great event planners have inspiring stories to share about their careers in event planning. 

There are several occasions and events where an event planner is necessary. The different occasions are: 


It includes planning birthdays, weddings, fairs, anniversaries, parades, and reunions.


It covers planning for conferences, graduations, and meetings.


Promotional events include fashion shows, product launches, and political rallies.


It involves planning civic and memorial events.

How To Find The Right Business

If you want to commit to serious and long-term business, you should consider some factors. Here are some startup tips on finding the right business for yourself.

Find A Business You Are Passionate About

Passion plays an important role in any business. Your business will take up most of your time. So, make sure you find a business that will not tire or bore you out. Having a business, you are passionate about can be the best feeling. 

Analyze Your Market

Passion alone cannot make you a successful person. After finding your passion, research, and see what businesses fit with your interest and passion. You can either pick some ideas from other people or start from scratch with something new and innovative. 

Set Financial Goals

Think about the long term sustainability of your business. Work your way up slowly and steadily with small and minor goals to achieve the big goal. 

Create Quality Content

There are hundreds to thousands of businesses out there. So, if you want to stand out from the others, you will need content that can make your business sound or appear unique. 

Get Many Followers 

In business, your followers are going to determine the success of your business. That is why it is always good to establish a good relationship with your followers. 

Sell Your Products

There is no doubt that everybody can sell a product. But if you want to be an effective seller, you should be aware of the selling and pitching basics. This way, you can create a better impact on your sales. 

Know The Purpose Of Your Business

Last but not least, make sure you state a clear purpose of your business. This is very important as a good and vivid purpose can earn the trust of people. People always look for worthy businesses with a clear purpose over the ones without it.  


It can be challenging to find the right businesses when you don’t know where to look or how to start. So, once you find your niche, the top trick above everything else is just to get started. Every business is great, no matter how big or how small. So, no matter what business you choose, always keep dedication and effort as your priority. 

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